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Sunday morning service with VRose 5ive aRon joe garza and melinda


Sunday Morning Service

3/12/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Sunday Celebration-Apostle Andrew Shearman

3/19/2017 Andrew Shearman   

Sunday Morning Celebration

3/26/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Sunday morning celebration

4/2/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Friday Night Service "Step Out" Pastor Roberto Candelario

4/7/2017 Pastor Roberto Candelario   

Saturday Service "Christ in you...The Hope" Dr Bob Nichols

4/8/2017 Dr. Bob Nichols   

Sunday Morning Service "A healthy heart equals a healthy church" Pastor Roberto Candelario

4/9/2017 Pastor Roberto Candelario   

Easter Sunday Service

4/16/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Sunday Morning Celebration

4/23/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Sunday Morning Celebration

4/30/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   


5/7/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez    

Pastor Ted Hanson - Sunday Morning Celebration

5/14/2017 Pastor Ted Hanson   


5/21/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

5/28 Sunday Morning Celebration

5/28/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

6/4 Sunday Morning Celebration

6/4/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

6/11 Sunday Morning Celebration

6/11/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

6/18 Sunday Morning Celebration

6/18/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

6/25/17 Sunday Morning Celebration

6/25/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Saturday Morning Service with Dr. Bob Nichols

7/15/2017 Dr. Bob Nichols   

7/16 Sunday morning Service with Dr. Bob Nichols

7/16/2017 Dr. Bob Nichols   

7/23 Sunday Morning Service

7/23/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

Do You Know Who You Are / Apostle Ted Hanson

8/5/2017 Apostle Ted Hanson   

8/6 Sunday Morning Service with Apostle Ted Hanson

8/6/2017 Apostle Ted Hanson   

8/13 Sunday Morning Celebration

8/13/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

8/27 Sunday Morning Celebration

8/27/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

9/3 Sunday Morning Celebration

9/3/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

9/10 Sunday Morning Service with Apostle Andrew Shearman

9/10/2017 Apostle Andrew Shearman   

9/17 Sunday Morning Celebration

9/17/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

9/24 Sunday Morning Celebration

9/24/2017 Pastor Cesar Chavez   

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